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Xi’an Shiyou University has put a lot of efforts into bringing International Students together. Here the international students are

united like brothers and sisters. I really enjoy studying in Shiyou, and I can’t think of a better place to pursue my study other than

Xi’an Shiyou University.


The College of International Education offers a high level of higher learning and the world-class curriculum. It is the best there

is for you.


It’s definitely a challenge to learn Chinese. But the teachers of Xi’an Shiyou University helped me a lot. Every day they tried

to explain every single word, character which I didn’t understand. They were warm and friendly to every student. Sometimes

they even come to our dormitory to explain the homework. I am really surprised how careful teachers are to students. They are

searching easier ways to let the students learn well and fast. They used a lot of methods playing, singing, doing some sport

activities, Chinese corner etc. Now I am going to graduate with bachelor degree at Xi’an Shiyou University. During my study

here I met a lot of nice people, good friends, qualifying teacher and professors. I would love to keep in touch with them. The

university’s atmosphere is relationship with teachers gave me a big life’s experience. I am so glad that I have spent here

five years and also looking forward back again.

ALIBEK KASSYM (Kazakhstan)

I have been studying in this university for almost 7 months, and I practically appreciate the friendly atmosphere which character

-ized the university. The university staff is very friendly and helpful, the teachers here are competent and practical from whom I

get to know manythings about Chinese history and culture.

If you sought for my advice on where to study Chinese language, my advice is: don’t hesitate; Xi’an Shiyou University will never

disappoint you.


Nurlanuly Kaster (Kazakhstan)

This is an excellent university; I like the apartment for international students, which is a clean and warm place to live in. The

teachers here are very nice, and I have made a lot of friends here.

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