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About holding " in the campus, realize China" - the second Chinese and American College Students‘ language and culture exchange summer camp.

To enhance our students and American college students, broaden our students an international perspective, to cultivate students' intercultural competence, creating a strong campus learning atmosphere, our school will and the United States ICGP education organization cooperation for a period of four weeks between American and Chinese college students' language and culture exchange summer camp.

The summer camp in time for the July 9, 2012to August 6th, a total of 20American students to participate in, the school will be selection of16full-time students attend. The summer camp will take on a way of communication between Chinese and American college students eat, live, play, with the same.

According to the requirements, is now facing the recruitment of members of 16(4 male,12 female ). Now the relevant registration matters are notified as follows, please each courtyard (Department ) the active participation of students, their application.

One, enlists condition:

1Xi'an Petroleum University full-time in the school student, undergraduate and graduate students can;

2healthy, good moral character, good results;

3major is not restricted, have good English listening and speaking ability and communication ability;

4 having a positive, enthusiastic and positive attitude.

In two, enlisting time:

From now until June 10, 2012

Three, the application form:

1 fill in the" registration form", with the courtyard (Department) seal ( please page in the bottom download form ) or log School International Education College webpage, download programs to download the application form;

2 I since school report card, with the courtyard (Department ) the official;

3inch photo ( black and white, color can);

Four, registration materials to the following location:

1school students, southern district:

A teaching building F400International Students Office

Contact person: Mr. Yang, phone:88382259

2new students:

The new campus office room 113Zhang phone:81469026

Five, the selection procedure:

The summer camp were recruited16outstanding college students.

Prior to 10 June2012, collect the registration form, according to the registration information, elected50 candidates;

June 11, 2012 -14 days, by the foreign teachers in oral and comprehensive ability to interview candidates;

In June 15, 2012announced the list of winners.

In six, time, cost and:

1this summer camp in time for the July 9, 2012-- August 6, 2012;

2for the cost of 800yuan / person, provides accommodation ( bring their own bedding ) and 2-3time travel;

3meals and other personal expenses.

" In the campus, realize China" --2012second session of Chinese and American college students language and Culture Exchange Summer Camp Registration Form Download gjjy/u/cms/www/201205/30114011hlzs.DOC

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